Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Status Update

I'm still alive! In addition, I've picked up the second book (most likely last in the set) of the Human Doll Contract from my local bookstore. I believe there's a side story to the series called 书写人 (translates to Book Writer or Author) but it sold out before I could get my hands on it. The translations will resume in June at the latest since I'm moving back to the States permanently in May...sometime...and I'm hoping it'll mean more free time? But it'll also mean getting books for projects afterward will be difficult.

I'll need a new grammar nazi proofreader to make sure my translations aren't Chinglish and is up to snuff. The plus side is that you'll get a taste of the chapters before they're release. -wink-wink-

UPDATE: Got a new proofreader and I'm returning to the States last week in May so expect the next chapter about mid-June.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Human Doll Contract (人娃契) [1. Snow: 1 An Extra Girl]

Whoooooooot, first chapter! So I had translated and then saved over my draft with an empty page T____T. Yea, I had to re-translate the whole's also not completely proof-read but it'll be a while before it gets that and I want it posted ASAP.

Again, took some translation creative liberties. It’s kinda hard remembering Chinese names and I want them to be as associable as possible so I translated some of them. If you've got a suggestion, feel free to toss them in the comments section. Just a heads up, surnames are listed first in China so I kept it that way. (Surname Name Given Name).

The book is broken up into 5 chapters with 3 sections to each. Here's chapter 1.1.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Human Doll Contract (人娃契) [Prologue]

So, this is my first time translating light novels and I decided to pick up Human Doll Contract, a series by Yu Wo (御我) author of 1/2 Prince. This whole translation thing is for me to practice my Chinese so forgive me if I’m slow with putting out new chapters. Corrections are appreciated, especially if there's anything that is extremely misrepresented or if there's grammatical mistakes (cause I probably made plenty).

I did buy the book in traditional Chinese (yea, you should support the writer too if it gets officially translated into English)! Don't have a scanner so won't be putting any pretty pictures online. All content belongs to the original author and I claim no rights to them. Please do not paste my translations elsewhere and/or charge for it. I’ll be a very sad panda... =_________=

If the original writer would like content removed, please contact me and I'll take it off immediately.

如果作者或这出版社想要我立即停止翻译这作品, 请送我封电子邮件, 我会马上删掉。 多谢!

11/17/2013 - Got myself a proofreader so I'm updating the page XD